New England North West Planning Services provides the following specialist services:

  • Preparation of planning reports (Statements of Environmental Effects) to accompany development applications and coordination of development application lodgement and liaison with local government on behalf of clients.
  • Planning proposal preparation for rezoning of land.
  • Assessment of your development against local and state planning legislation with the aim of gaining a positive outcome yet meeting all legislative requirements.
  • Gathering of and management of multi-disciplinary teams of specialist consultants across disciplines including environmental, heritage, biodiversity, bush fire, acoustic, traffic management, odour, economic, fire engineering, hydraulic and soil management.
  • Provide advice on the development potential of your land based on current and proposed local and state legislative controls. 
  • Strategies preparation for project management of your development from conception through to completion.
  • Project management and coordination of development, community consultation, trade service tender preparation and selection, cost projections and on ground project coordination.
  • Assist local government in planning relief services, strategic and development assessment services.

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