About Us

Libby Cumming has significant town planning experience which has been gained by working in local government from 1988 until 2015. Her experience allows her to understand the requirements and processes of local and state government thus aiding developers of any scale to get their application through all the necessary regulatory approval processes smoothly and positively.

Experience in:

Residential development – dwelling approval, alterations & additions, residential flat buildings, granny flats, rural workers dwellings

Commercial – change of use, internal and external alterations, heritage compliance, shop top housing, restaurants, small bar, signage, on street cafes, supermarkets,

Industrial – light and heavy industry, integrated approval compliance with state government, rural industry, and ancillary development

Rural – feedlots, dairies, mining, quarries, aquiculture, boarding and breeding kennels, farm stay, composting facilities

Tourism – tourist accommodation, ecotourism, tourist development, caravan parks,

Other – subdivision, medical centres, professional offices, schools, hospitals.


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